Accountant Max Polyakov’s childhood memories of his “Murka” kitten reshape a car to an unrecognizable state

accountant's Max Polyakov dream car

A normal office day would end for various people in different ways. For Max Polyakov, the end of the day as an accountant in Istanbul, Turkey, had a very different outcome from an ordinary person’s imagination. On the way to his studio flat, Max Polyakov found an old, completely forgotten and left to rot Chevrolet Impala ’67 in a garbage garage. What impacted his feelings the most, was the fact that the old vehicle had the exact same name as Murka, his childhood kitten that died from being hit by a car when Max Polyakov was only 10.

Indeed, the impact that the incident had on the poor boy’s mind was calamitous. And as soon as he saw the Impala laying in the garbage garage, without wheels and windows, he straight decided to repair it and give it some life back. And so, the next day, on a Tuesday, Max Polyakov hired a van to appropriate the carcase of the former Chevrolet and start working on it. But unfortunately, the owner of the garage was not present for a while. That made him think opportunistically and Max decided to take the can anyways, and later find the owner to give him or her some money for it.

After some decisions, Max Polyakov purchased the necessary details to repair the car, but he realised that there will need to be put immense effort in order to reshape the details of the car. Therefore, the first thing he bought from a local Istanbul car shop, were wheels. He then looked on the internet for solutions to repair the engine, but the solutions were only to replace it with a completely new one. A seller that noticed the admiration of Max Polyakov towards the car, in particular to its colour, had the seller to bargain a cheap price for the new engine.

Accountant Max Polyakov and his dream car Chevrolet Impala ‘67

Eventually, after evaluating all of the potentially needed details for the Chevrolet, Max Polyakov decided to redecorate the exterior of the car and paint a proportionally applicable “Murka” on the front of the car to make it look original and related to him. So he hired appropriate painters who did an impressive job. The red-yellow colour collided perfectly with the glamour brownish colour of the whole car. The name “Murka” fitted perfectly with the design too.

Later, Max Polyakov looked at the inside of the car and replaced the seats, changed the steering wheel and applied some of its own imagination by recolouring the walls in white. This composition of colour allowed the car to be one of a kind, including the name that resembled the poor kitten – “Murka”, made the car even better for Max Polyakov. But he understood that there was a need for finances as he continued to modernize the vehicle. And so, Max went to gamble some of his money to a local casino.

The Istanbul’s leading casino has choices to play slot machines, poker, and gamble whatever finances you feel to. Max Polyakov had a feeling towards the car almost as he had to the kitten “Murka” that he loved so much, only it was only an object. So, after earing a significant amount of cash, Max Polyakov continued to shape the car into an unrecognizable state. His neighbour, Mahir, noticed that Max Polyakov had an immense interest in the car’s looks, so he decided to help.

Mahir approached the neighbour to ask what he would need to get the car started and why did it have the name “Murka” on its front. Max Polyakov responded that it was a very significant part of his life, as that was the name of the kitten that was hit by a car to death. Mahir though that this was a decent way to commemorate his deceased pet by giving its name to an overhauled car.

Henceforth, Max Polyakov and Mahir became friends and started modernizing the car together. Yet, there was a need to find the owner of the garbage garage where Max Polyakov found the car, to begin with as there was a registration plate that needed to be replaced. So, he went to the local residents of the area near the car’s old location and asked if they knew anyone that was able to reveal who was behind the alleged property.

The task was uneasy as visibly there was nobody to be living there for a long while. So, after knocking a few doors, he did not receive any significant answers, so he needed to take it a step further and look on the internet for the owner of the plate on the dumped car. The interesting part included that there was no information either regarding the owner. But Max did not give up as his father taught him to be an honest man and always be a person that would not steal or appropriate someone’s items without asking first.

Yet, Max Polyakov was in a dilemma as he did not ask first but took the dumped car and reshaped it before finding the owner and asking for permission. For this reason, he really felt in need to get in touch with the boss of the car in order to avoid legal problems in the future. And after several months of trying to search for the rightful owner of the abandoned vehicle, Max Polyakov finally found her.

Her name was Barbara Ordum, who was a former English teacher who upon purchasing a new car dumped the old Chevrolet to the garage as she did not know how to get rid of it appropriately. It was a big relieve for Max as he understood that the lady had no financial attachment to the abandoned object. Therefore, after speaking to her about the sentimental significance of the colour of the car to him, Max decided to offer a monetary compensation to Barbara for the inconvenience caused by his irresponsible act of appropriating the car without permission.

Yet, the lady was absolutely fine with the act and appreciated Max’s honesty to trace her location and offer money. She was also moved by the tragic kitten “Murka” story and the relation of the car’s colour to it. So the deal was made, as soon as Max was finished with repairing the car he would drive Barbara’s daughter to school on Wednesdays as she could not do such as she had to give English lessons on that day to youngsters. And so, they remained good friends with Max collaborating to support and driving Barbara’s daughter, Jane, to school.

Max Polyakov's chevrolet “Murka”

Max Polyakov starting his repairing work

After enjoying repairing the Chevrolet, Max did not want to sit in the office as an accountant and waste his life in a box. Therefore, he decided to change his life for the better. He started looking for old, abandoned cars in order to overhaul them and sell them for a good price. Enjoying the prettiness of his refurnished Chevrolet, Max held no horses in modernizing his car even further. But after few signs that his finances were running out, he realised that he might have needed to come back to the gambling habit that allowed him to overhaul Murka in the first place.

He came back to one of Istanbul’s largest casinos in order to earn some more cash playing poker. It did not go well at the beginning as the players he was sitting at the table with were much more experiences hence their ability to bluff was a lot more advanced and critical in the game. Yet, Max Polyakov was a man that would not easily give up. And so, after few games, he was able to win around $2,000 and he swapped to the next gambling opportunity in the slot machine section. The bets were a lot easier there, and Max was able to return home with a significant amount of money.

After the casino success, Max Polyakov knew that his luck in gambling would not last forever, so he went to look for old abandoned cars to repair them and sell for a large price. With this ambition in mind, he set his sight on one of the car dumpsters in search of the perfect item. And he found an old BMW of the third series and spoke to the owner of the dumpster if he could appropriate the abandoned unowned car. The owner agreed only on a condition that he would take all the effort in taking the car away. Max Polyakov agreed and arranged for the whole procedure to be implemented.

Yet, the process of relocating the old BMW was not an easy task due to the cost of hiring a van to transport the stable vehicle to the desired location. Max called his friend Mahir for help as he knew that there was a need for his help, and he offered that they could repair and sell the car together and make a good deal. Mahir agreed as that was a big passion of himself and the ability to do a job that he liked, was not a problem at all.

The process of delivering the old BMW to Max’s place was not that difficult after all. With Mahir’s powerful van, it took only a few hours to arrange and execute the procedure. Upon bringing the car to Max’s garage, both men started investigating what would be best to start with. The idea was to make the car at least capable of moving, as its looks were not that bad after all. In other words, the interior needed much more work then the redecoration process. For this reason, the two contacted several people that would be willing to sell an engine for a cheap price, in which they succeeded quite fast. The owner of the new engine lived just a few kilometres outside Istanbul.

After acquiring the new engine, the old car started running shortly after. And swiftly redecorating the outside of the car, the BMW looked like a valuable vintage German vehicle. After placing an advertisement on the internet of the refurbished vehicle, Max received few calls hours after. The buyer agreed to buy the car on the condition that it would be 10% discount with a year guarantee of quality. The two agreed to the deal and hands were shaken.

Overall, Max Polyakov’s devotion to his kitten “Murka” brought a nice refurbished vehicle and a well-payed hobby. And so, he equally divided the earnings from the BMW with Mahir and the two agreed that it was a good business which could not be left aside. Therefore, agreeing on the necessity of continuing collaborating, the two men became good friends and established a good enterprise that soon became one of the biggest local companies for selling repaired cars. That is the reason we should never forget our loved creatures and cherish each moment with them as in the future we might not be able to see them, and only have an object that resembles their presence. And Max Polyakov’s story proves that there is always a possibility to keep out emotions and interests together.